Transporting a paddle board
Billy Lush

Transporting a Paddle Board

How Heavy is a Paddle Board?

We hear this question around our shop all the time, and for good reason.  Learning to paddle board is one thing, but transporting your board from your house or apartment to the body of water you want to explore requires a completely different skill set. Unless you intend to store your board exclusively on a dock or in the water, consider for a moment a few underlying concerns that prompt the common question of “How Heavy is a Paddle Board?”

  1. How difficult will it be for me to carry my paddle board to the water?
  2. How difficult will it be for me to put my paddle board on top of my vehicle?

Providing someone with the exact weight of a particular paddle board is simple and unambiguous, but the figure itself sheds little light on the actual nature of carrying and transporting a paddle board.  If I tell you that most paddle boards worth owning weigh about 25 – 30lbs, it’s probably hard for you to imagine exactly what that feels like. I could go one to say that an average paddle board weighs about the same as a full set of golf clubs or a medium sized suitcase full of clothes, but a paddle board has a much different size and shape than either of those two items. So we’re still left without an adequate answer to the fundamental question of, How hard is this going to be for me to cart this thing around?

At the Billy Lush Board Shop we think we have an answer for you. The best way to educate our customers on the practical requirements of carrying and transporting a paddle board is to simply put a paddle board in someone’s hand and allow them to feel the object themselves. This is simply the most accurate answer we can give someone because it allows for variation in each individual’s perception of “heavy” and “light.”  We often find that customers who had never picked up a paddle board before find it to be significantly lighter than what they had anticipated.  Beyond a simple heft of the board, we’re also happy to walk our customers through the entire process of securing a board to a vehicle.  It takes a little practice, but once you have the right tools and the confidence to replicate the process, the sky’s the limit for your paddling adventures.

If you’ve been considering owning a paddle board but have questions about its weight or how to transport it, please come see us!  900 Volunteer Landing Lane, Downtown Knoxville.