Women SUP yoga
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SUP Yoga

Yoga + A Paddle Board

SUP Yoga has become tremendously popular over the past several years. It is popping up in cities all across the country. Also, growing right in line with the expanse of the overall paddle board market.  Paddle boarding and yoga make a smart match. The two activities share many of the same challenges and objectives. Such as balance, core-strength, endurance and mental focus.  For many of those who practice traditional yoga it is as much a way to clear and calm the mind as it is a way to get a good workout.  Paddle boarding is much the same. It is great exercise and will build your balance. SUP enthusiasts predominantly have recreation and leisure at the forefront of their minds.

A New Challenge

Compared to yoga on the solid ground, yoga on a paddleboard will certainly be more of a challenge, but it is well worth the extra effort.  Poses done of a floating, wobbly surface naturally force you to activate many of the smaller stabilizing muscles in your arms and core that aren’t as necessary in traditional yoga.  The added difficulty of yoga on a paddleboard will help refine your technique and provide a very rewarding experience in the process.

SUP Yoga at Billy Lush

The board you use for SUP yoga will also contribute to the ease and grace of your session.  Our SUP yoga classes at the Billy Lush Board Shop are conducted on large stable boards from our rental fleet and are the ideal type of board for this particular activity.  Nevertheless, any SUP yogi should keep in mind that falling in at least once during your class is inevitable.  Falling in for the first time while attempting to strike a stoic Warrior I can give you a bit of a jolt, but climbing back on and trying it again is one of the many subtle benefits of yoga on a paddle board.

Our SUP yoga classes will begin soon, so stay tuned for more info through our newsletter!