SUP Yoga Tips Knoxville, TN
Billy Lush

SUP Yoga Tips Knoxville, TN

SUP Yoga Tips Knoxville, TN


If you’ve never done SUP yoga before, or even if you have, these tips will help you feel more comfortable on your board.

Find a sheltered spot

Lots of wind and big waves can make SUP yoga difficult. Also, they can distract you from your yoga practice. Paddle to a place that’s sheltered from the wind and doesn’t see a lot of high-speed boat traffic that will kick up a big wake.

Get away from the crowds

There’s something about doing yoga on a SUP that makes people stop and take notice. If you don’t like being the center of attention, put some distance between you and the business.

Move slow

If you’ve done yoga on land but never on a SUP, start by moving through your poses a tad more slowly than you’re used to.

Keep a wide stance

Some styles of yoga focus on narrow body alignment. Such as keeping your feet together in mountain pose. Or having your front foot in line with your back foot in warrior poses. With SUP yoga, it’s helpful to use a wider stance, roughly hip-width-distance apart, for a more stable base.

Keep two points of contact with the board

Poses with only one point of contact, like tree pose or eagle pose, are generally considered too difficult for SUP yoga. Try poses that maintain at least two points of contact. Also, poses that keep your body aligned perpendicular to the board will feel more stable than those that put you parallel to the board. Poses such as warrior I or II.

Embrace the unexpected

SUP yoga is less controlled than an on-land practice. Your board can drift this way and that, a sudden wave may set you off balance, and you may fall in.
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