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Paddleboard 101 Class
Paddleboard 201 Class
SUP Yoga Class
Private Instruction

Our stand up paddleboard (SUP) classes in Knoxville, TN offer an excellent low impact activity that is available for all ages and skill levels. At Billy Lush Board Shop we offer several opportunities to get on the water. No experience is required to participate and we cover everything you need to know to get your first paddleboard experience off on the right stroke. Our Knoxville SUP instructors have been certified and trained to the standards of the World Paddle Association and Paddle Fit Pro. If your a first timer or looking to refine your technique, we have a class offering for you!

  • Paddleboard 101 Class
  • $45

  • 1 1/2 Hour Class
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Begin Your Paddleboard Adventure

We cover all the basics of SUP in this introductory class. No experience required. We will teach you: Equipment overview, safety and awareness of the conditions, balancing, correct stance, 4 different paddle strokes, steering and turning, proper paddling form and more.

All instructors are PaddleFit and WPA (World Paddle Association) Certified. *Must be taken prior to attending 201, PaddleFit or Paddle Yoga (unless prior approval given from Billy Lush Instructors)

Lessons can be made by appointment.
Instructors: Michael, Larry, Kenny

  • Paddleboard 201 Class
  • $55

  • 1 Hour Class
  • Contact

Take Your SUP Skills to the Next Level

In this paddleboard class we take you to the next level of becoming a complete paddler. We fine tune your paddling technique with drills to make your stroke more efficient and cover more advanced maneuvers such as feathering, cross bow turns, and pivot turns. We also provide video analysis of your stroke for viewing. This is the perfect class for paddlers interested in building up to longer paddle session or racing.

All instructors are PaddleFit and WPA (World Paddle Association) Certified.

Private instruction for up to two people is offered by appointment only.

  • SUP Yoga Class
  • $30

  • 1 Hour Class
  • Contact

Perfect Your Balance on the Water

Paddle Yoga brings the practice and art of a vigorous Yoga flow into perfect fusion with the sport of paddleboarding. Students experience all the benefits of Yoga and SUP while practicing under the sun.

$15 Bring your own board
By appointment only
Kristi, Tiffany, Aleka