Billy Lush Board Shop

The Billy Lush Board Shop embraces the local culture of Knoxville and believes physical health, personal well-being, and community are a few of the most important pillars of happiness and productivity. Billy Lush aims to foster an environment that openly and positively accepts the challenges of life as opportunities for even greater fulfillment. We are dedicated to equipping our customers with the tools and encouragement they need to increase their engagement with life through the activity of stand up paddleboarding.

Knoxville’s First Paddle Board Specialty Shop

The Billy Lush Board shop is Knoxville’s first paddleboard specialty shop. We offer the best selection of paddleboards and accessories from great brands such as NSP, Adventure PaddleBoards, Yolo Boards, KM Hawaii, Quick blade, Futures, VestPac and more. Each year our staff attends Surf and Sup Industry shows to provide you with the best offering on the market. The paddleboard purchasing decision can be challenging and our expert staff is trained to advise you on the right equipment to meet your needs. Stand up paddleboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We want you to make the best buying decision possible and we believe you should try before you buy.

Fitness is our goal

SUP is a great low impact activity that is available for all ages and skill levels. At Billy Lush we offer several opportunities to get on the water. For the first time stand up paddle boarderor someone looking to build upon their first experience on a SUP, we offer a PaddleBoard 101 class. No experience is required to participate and we cover everything you need to know to get your first paddleboard experience off on the right stroke. Our instructors have been certified and trained to the standards of the World Paddle Association and Paddle Fit Pro. During the class we cover water safety, paddleboard equipment overview, step by step progressions to go from paddling on your knees to standing up, paddle stroke and turning techniques, how to maneuver over boat wake, and utilizing proper form to engage your core to prevent injury.

Intro to SUP

After you have completed our Paddleboard 101 class, the next progression would be the Paddleboard 201 class. During this class we break down the paddle stroke into smaller segments to help with efficiency and injury prevention. Proper technique helps engage the core muscle and alleviate stress on the lower back and shoulders. We provide you with stroke drills that will help you to key in and self correct for proper technique. During this class we also go into more advanced turns such as the cross bow turn and pivot/drop step turn. These advanced turns make maneuvering the paddleboard easier and is an incorporated skill for those interested in getting into SUP racing.

Dynamic balance routine

SUP is also becoming the hottest activity for the Yoga enthusiasts. We offer weekly SUP Yoga classes to bring a whole new level of dynamic strength and balance to your yoga routine. Each of our instructors guide you through the various yoga poses on a paddle board while the sun rises across the water. The vigorous flow of yoga provides a perfect fusion with the sport of paddleboarding.

Start your livin lush experience

After attending one of our paddleboard classes we are confident that you will need to satisfy your new addiction and love for this sport by paddling on the water as much as possible. At the Billy Lush Board shop we have an expansive fleet of SUP’s that are available for rent at hourly and daily rates. Billy Lush Board Shop is a full service paddle sports company. With your rental reservation we transport the board and equipment to the water for you so you focus on a relaxing paddle on the Tennessee River in downtown Knoxville.

Take an adventure with us

The Billy Board Shop offers other opportunities to explore the local water ways in Knoxville with guided excursions. We have several routes for adventure ranging from 4 to 21 miles along the Tennessee River. During these excursions you may have the chance to view the sunset over downtown Knoxville, witness the full moon rise on a late summer evening, or paddle alongside the abundant wild life such as river otters and beavers. Each Excursion offers a unique way to travel with friends and come face-to face with the natural beauty of East Tennessee.

Enjoy the outdoors

In addition to paddleboards we also offer other options to get out and play. We have kayaks and canoes available for rent to those looking for an alternative to enjoy the outdoors. We also rent beach cruiser bikes to travel along the downtown greenways. From our shop you can bike to a variety of locations. Families can bike along Tennessee River’s edge to a water splash pad for kids followed by a viewing of some of the largest athletic complexes in all of college sports at University of Tennessee. You can also bike through the historic site of the 1982 World’s Fair site or make your way to Market Square off Gay Street and experience some of the best selection of shops, dining, and entertainment in the Downtown Knoxville area.

Store your SUP board with us

For our local customers who live in the downtown Knoxville urban community we will be offering paddleboard and kayak storage lockers. With all the great benefits that downtown living provides, it can be difficult to store and a stand up paddleboard or kayak. The Billy Lush Board Shop will be providing a convenient way for you to store your sup or kayak right on the water.