How to Paddle Board
Billy Lush

Paddle Boarding Basics

Paddle boarding has surged in popularity over the past several years, and at the Billy Lush Board Shop we love the enthusiasm. Yet even with all the excitement surrounding paddle boarding there are still plenty of folks who are a little wary of the challenges involved with learning a new water-based activity. If this sounds a little bit like you, then perhaps this post will help shed some new light on paddle boarding and help you get a better idea of where to start.

I often describe the experience of paddle boarding as taking a walk on the water, partly because it requires about the same degree of fitness and balance as taking a long walk.  The comparison may not be that cut and dry, but the bottom line is that paddle boarding is safe and enjoyable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Getting up for the first time is not without its sense of adventure, but that’s part of the fun as well.

Paddle 101: All Beginners Welcome!

Understandably, paddle boarding appears pretty challenging to many of those who have never tried it.  However the majority of beginners who take our Paddle 101 class tell us that they had over-estimated the difficulty of learning to stand-up paddle board. Everyone’s experience is a little different, but we have refined our Paddle 101 class over the past couple of years to give everyone the skills and the confidence to excel.

The Finer Details

Paddle 101 is a great way for beginners to learn all the basic skills of paddle boarding from a certified instructor. Class sizes are typically small, and because most participants have no prior experience with paddle boarding, the instruction is thorough and personalized. We conduct this 90 minute class every Saturday morning at 10am and the cost is $45 per person.

To take part in our next Paddle 101 class give us a call at 332-LUSH (5874) or sign up online today!