Billy Lush

Livin’ Lush Cup: The Warm Up

What Does It Take To Race?

Paddle boarding can certainly be a mellow and relaxing sort of activity, but it can also serve as an invigorating workout when done at higher speeds and intensities. As a rule of thumb, leisurely paddle boarding can be compared to walking as a way to gauge its physical demands. Paddle boarding can also be a great activity for racing, similar to the way many recreational runners and walkers enjoy a 5k road race. The key, however, is to start out with a distance and pace that’s easily manageable and progress from there. Once a paddler gains enough experience to feel at ease on a paddle board they can begin to gradually increase the intensity of their exercise based their growing confidence, fitness level and goals.

Most casual paddle boarders are capable of paddling at a leisurely pace for quite a long time–at least long enough to complete the 2 mile course of this year’s Livin’ Lush Cup. The fact that paddle boarding can be an activity that’s easy-going, vigorous or anything in between is one of the greatest attributes of this particular recreational activity, as well as many others like it.  Paddle boarding, hiking, biking, walking, etc. are all great forms of exercise because they are both fun and physically engaging.  When you’re out on the water or making your way down a beautiful trail, the workout you get often feels less like work and a lot more like play!

To learn more about this year’s Livin’ Lush Cup, visit our events page for all the details. Join us August 22nd as we paddle “Under the Lights”!  You won’t want to miss it!