Knoxville SUP Rentals Downtown, Now Available!

Don’t miss out on the miraculously dreary weather this fall and winter by staying inside and not being fit again. Come outside, venture into the outdoors and experience all of the amazing recreational activities downtown Knoxville has to offer. From the Wilks Skelton Greenway that runs up and down Lake Loudon and the Tennessee river to the Billy Lush Board Shop located at 900 Volunteers Landing Lane, someone in the city of Knoxville can rent you some sort of awesome contraption like a paddleboard or a kayak or a bike or a SUP or a canoe so that you and your family can get outside and breath some fresh air for once.

Ktown SUP, It’s not Just a Summer Sport!

The weather in Knoxville is actually perfect year round for SUP! All you have to do is stop by the Billy Lush Board Shop and prepare yourself with the proper clothing and accessories. No matter how cold it will get this year, it’s possible to stay warm this winter on the water, and the Billy Lush Board Shop has everything you need to make winter paddleboarding an enjoyable experience.

SUP and Accessories Deals!

We LOVE deals just like everyone else! Don’t miss out on our huge black Friday sales every year! Also, Christmas sales are sure to make everyone smile because SUP’s and all SUP accessories like paddles, leashes, bags and more will be on sale. A standup paddleboard makes a great gift for the whole family, so it’s something everyone can enjoy together and during every month of the year. The Billy Lush Board Shop will even be selling gift certificates for rentals in 2016. Buy someone you love the gift of serenity and freedom by giving them a gift card for 10 hours of rentals for a SUP or a kayak. Our rental fleet is packed with top of the line recreational paddleboards like Yolo and NSP so even if you only want to rent for now, you can try before you buy!

Women’s SUP Fitness

Over the past several decades the women’s fitness and exercise market has seen steady financial gains year over year. Billy Lush Brand stands poised to add the next significant influx of capital and value to this market by offering a wide array of lessons, classes, rentals, tours, and excursions to a growing demand for outdoor fitness and recreation in Knoxville and throughout the South East Tennessee. Billy Lush’s aim is to provide all ages and abilities with a memorable paddling experience on the lakes and rivers of East Tennessee, but many of its most valuable customer’s fall within one particular demographic. This demographic has shown itself to be highly attuned to the key benefits paddleboarding and paddle sports have to offer those in search of a fun and affordable way to exercise.

Billy Lush has derived it’s loyal customer base from many diverse groups, but perhaps none more numerous and influential than the active female adults between the ages of 25 and 65. This class of women is a powerful source of demand and has the buying power to make a material difference in the success of just about any women’s fitness and exercise venture. At it’s core, this group is looking to exercise and socialize in a fun, safe yet exciting environment. Paddleboarding offers users a unique and inspiring setting to exercise and connect with others in a meaningful way. Case-in-point, Billy Lush’s local Meet-Up group called “K Town SUP Club” has dramatically expanded its membership base over the course of 2014, largely thanks to women who like engaging with friends through a vigorous physical activity. The demand for women’s sup fitness and exercise equipment and apparel can be met year round at the Billy Lush Board Shop located at 900 Volunteer Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN 37915. Knoxville SUP Rentals Downtown