knoxville-city-paddleBecome part of the SUP community in Knoxville

Group SUP is a great opportunity to hang out with friends or meet new people. At Billy Lush we offer weekly opportunities to bring groups of paddlers together on the water. To stay up to date with more group SUP events click on the KTOWN SUP Club logo to join our Meet Up group. The SUP group is free to join and keeps you up to date on all our events and activities. PLUS, you will receive 10% off any regular priced paddleboard just by joining the club!

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  • SUP and SUD's
  • $19
  • per person

  • Every Thursday 5:30 PM
  • May - August
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SUD’s on Tap

Each Thursday at 5:30 PM May through August. Join us for your choice of a group paddle or sup yoga class followed by cold beer from our taps at the shop! We will launch from the dock for 1 hr group paddle or yoga class then meet back in the shop for SUD’s. Rental’s are $19 for the group paddle and $25 for the yoga class and includes a complimentary beer. Those who join the group paddle with their own board get $1 off pints till close.

  • City Lights Paddle
  • $25
  • per person

  • Each Full Moon through September
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City Lights Paddle

Join us on a Full Moon paddle through September at 8:30 PM. Come see the sun set over the downtown Knoxville skyline and light up the water at dusk with LED lights mounted underneath your paddleboard! The LED lights create a halo glow around your board which can attract fish from underneath.

The city lights make for an epic night paddle along the river front. Board rental with LED lights is $29. LED lights can be rented for your own board for $12 or inquire about purchasing your own kit from the shop!

  • KTown SUP Club
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  • Knoxville’s SUP Community

  • May - September
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KTown SUP Club

Join the KTOWN SUP Club for free on a MEETUP . Over 150 members strong! Meet other paddler boarders in the Knoxville community at the regularly scheduled meetups throughout the summer. We paddle from the Billy Lush Board Shop and other great paddle destinations around Knoxville and East Tennessee. Our SUP community is growing everyday and it’s always fun to paddle with others. Join up today!