Inflatable SUP
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The Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Winter paddle boarding presents a variety of new challenges compared to the warm, easygoing days of summer as we’ve mentioned in a few of our latest blogs posts on how to dress for winter paddle boarding.  But aside from the challenge of keeping yourself safe and dry, it can be increasingly difficult to protect your board during this time of year as well.

It’s plain to see that the water levels of the lakes and rivers that fall under the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Valley Authority fall dramatically in the late fall and remain low until the early spring.  The reasons for this may be discussed in greater detail in a future post, but the bottom line is that water levels around Knoxville can fall by as much as 10-15 feet on some bodies, drawing a plethora of objects like rocks, stumps, logs and debris closer to the surface of the water and thus closer to the surface of your paddle board.  It can be like paddling through a mine field if you tend to scour the banks and inlets like I do.  And if there isn’t a dock where you want to put in, getting on the water is no picnic either.

However there is one path to immunity from all the fuss of having to dodge sharp obstacles on a winter paddle or having to walk your board a few yards into 50 degree water just to avoid the exposed shore rocks upon take-off.  This magic elixir can be found on the racks of the Billy Lush Board Shop and it is known as an inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP).

iSUP’s are naturally a must for more extreme activities like white water paddling, but the value of their durability is not lost on the average recreational paddler who only tours flat water.  Nicks and dings to conventional composite paddle boards are very common, even when not on the water, and can cost up to $150 to repair depending on the severity of the damage.  Not that the team at the Billy Lush Board Shop can’t help you repair your hard top paddle board, but we know it can be frustrating to be without your board for any period of time while its being repaired.

In addition to the superb durability of iSUP’s, many people end up buying them because they are light and compact.  If you live in an apartment or simply have limited storage space, an inflatable is an easy choice.  If you want to quickly and easily transport your paddle board without any special equipment such as a roof rack on your car, an iSUP will easily fit in the trunk of any car with tons of room to spare.  You can even check an inflatable paddle board onto an airplane without any oversize fees.  Our iSUP’s, like this new YOLO model, come with a carry bag that can be used like a backpack and has room for your paddle and pump as well.  It’s the complete package!

If you’d like more information on ISUP’s or would like to see all the ISUP models we carry, give us a call or send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you!